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Our Type 3 Layflat Fire Hose - Brigadier  is a High pressure High Performance Fire hose Manufactured to British Standard BS639 Type 3.


Comprising of a synthetic woven textile jacket encased in a high performance Nitrile rubber inner and outer cover. The outer surface is ribbed for ease of handling and to further increase abrasion resistance. Diameter Range: from 19mm to 150mm


Construction Details:


100 % synthetic yarn, circular woven

max. change in length 4 %

max. change in diameter 4 %


Lining and Cover:

High quality NITRILE-synthetic rubber extruded through the weave to give “Unified” construction. Very smooth inner surface for low friction loss. External cover with ribs for high abrasion resistance and ease of handling.



A heavy duty hose – very high abrasion resistance and extremely long service life.

Resistant to oil, fuel and chemical products. Lightweight and flexible – kink resistant. Minimum maintenance and easy to clean, Requires no drying after use.

Cold resistant to – 30 °C.

Heat resistant up to + 80 °C.

Easy to repair.

(repair material and vulcanizer on request)



Municipal fire brigades,

Industrial fire brigades,

Agriculture, irrigation, general pumping, Shipboard & marine industry

Oil & chemical refineries (onshore & offshore), Construction sites and General industrial use.



BS336 Instantaneous, Storz or all international coupling types wired-in for safety & security, with 1.6mm Stainless Steel wire.



BS 6391 Type 3, DIN 14 811, NEN 2242,

prEN 1924 class 4

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