Aquaflow from our potable hose range is a semi-rigid, fabric reinforced drinking water hose approved according to KTW A (tubes < DN80) ,  DVGW - W 270 with high strength polyester yarn (PET).

The internal reinforcement is made from circular woven filament polyester yarn. The extrusion ‘through the weave’ production method gives very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.


Construction Details:


Fabric-reinforced hose with high strength polyester yarn (PET) .

Lining and Cover:

Inner Lining: Transparent PE-Core. Tested and approved to KTW A (tubes <DN 80), /DVGW W-270.

Exterior Coating: Blue semi-transparent, smooth PE-Exterior Coating.

Elongation: max. change in diameter 3% (1-12 Bar)

max. change in length 3% (1-12 Bar)



Possible to ride over, stable, but light weight smooth inner and external surface, easy to clean.

Approx. 50% lighter than comparable hoses. Transparent inner lining, semi-transparent exterior coating (you can see the water flowing).

Extremely flexible in low temperatures up to -30 °. Service water temperature max. 65 °C.

Easy to pass.




Drinking water supply acc. to DIN 2001-2

For all freshwater delivery applications,

Filling of fresh water tanks,

Temporary emergency pipeline,

Fresh water bowsers,

Beverage industry,


Off shore use and Military  applications.


Temperature Range

Usable in temperature ranges of + 80 °C to -30 °C

Water temperature max. 65 °C


Optimised for GEKA systems, other types (e.g.

Storz, Gardena) also possible.



Swaging ring, worm drive hose clip, two-ear hose clamp or other types.


Continuous Hose Marking:

Parsch Aquaflow  KTW A / DVGW-W 270 diameter

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