Layflat Rubber Lining is for the protection of equipment used in Construction, Cable and Mechanical engineering industries.

Construction Details:


Environmently friendly and manufactured without any solvents.

Very little odour during the processing. Guarantees state of the art Elastomer-technics.



NBR (Nitrile-Butadien-Rubber) liner with good oil resistance can be  produced on demand.


Wall Thickness:

Possible from 0.6mm to 2.0mm.

Material: Vulcanised SBR (Styrol-Buradien-Rubber) liner in black.



Elongation at break 350%.

Tensile strength 1.000 N/cm2 .

Shore A approx. 60.

Cold resistant to -30°C. (no cracking)

Several tests according to various standards have shown good ageing resistance. (in general,the adhesion values increase after ageing)

Very good and proven ozone resistance due to high quality additives.



Suitable as membranes or seals for the bundling of cables and wires as a protection hose for chains, belts, ropes, steel wire ropes or hydraulic hoses. Mechanical engineering, building construction, vehicle construction, the electrical and cable industry.

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