A multi-purpose hose for mechanical engineering, construction and cable industries for protection  of chains, belts and and cables, with good abrasion resistance to oil and chemical products ageing and ozone/weather resistant.


Applications suitable for wire and cable management, protection of steel wire and ropes or hydraulic hoses.


Also suitable for building and construction, cable and the electrical industry.

Inner lining:

100% polyester high tenacity yarn , circular woven.

Reinforced weft and multiple twisted, plain or twill weave.

The fabric construction ensures an excellent tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear.



Oil resistant and sythetic rubber in black, wall thickness 0.8mm, good aging and abrasion resistance.


Max change in length 3% at a load of 1- 250kg.

No change in diameter.



Including thread to assist with the pulling through of objects.


High abrasion resistance, tear resistant.

Good ozone and heat resistance.

Resistant to aggressive media.

Very flexible, also at minus temperatures.

Minimum maintenance and easy to clean.

Cold resistant up to -30 ° C.

Heat resistant up to +45 ° C.



Bundling of cables and wires.

As protection hose for chains, belts, ropes, steel wire ropes or hydraulic hoses Mechanical engineering,

Building construction,

Electrical and cable industry and Vehicle construction.

Maximum length 60m - 200ft. continous, lapped on request.

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