The Aquaflex P is one of our potable drinking water hoses and is a Polyurethane Coated option.

Construction Details:


100 % polyester high tenacity yarn, circular woven, multiple twisted warp, twill weave max. change in length 3%

max. change in diameter 3%


Lining and Cover:

White, special high quality synthetic rubber interior. Exterior Polyurethane coated, standard colour blue. Polyurethane coating increases the abrasion resistance and reduces water absorption.



High pressure high performance.

White special rubber lining gives no taste or smell. Good abrasion resistance and long service life. Low friction loss.

Lightweight and flexible.

Ageing and ozone resistant – weather resistant. Small coil diameter – easy to store.

Cold resistant to – 30 °C.

Heat resistant up to + 80 °C.

Easy to repair.

(repair material and vulcanizer on request).



For all freshwater delivery applications,

Water Utilities and Water Authorites,

Filling of fresh water tanks,

Temporary emergency pipeline,

Freshwater bowsers,

Food and beverage industry,

Marine and offshore,

Military application.



BS336 Instantaneous, Storz or all international coupling types wired-in for safety & security, with 1.6mm Stainless Steel wire available.

Requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean and to repair.


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