Dragman and Dragman Premium are designed for umbilical drag systems used for distribution of slurry and manure in agricultural fields.

Hoses are connected between slurry reservoirs (lagoons)  and tow tractors. One or two lengths behind the  tow tractor are dragged in the field and put under continuous severe stress.

Dragman and Dragman Premium are specifically designed with the with this extreme stress and abrasion in mind. The TPU cover has abrasion resistance 4-5 times that of commonly used rubber.


The tensile strength has been substantially increased to withstand the pull forces.

Standard lengths up to 200 metres. Longer lengths on request for diameters lower than 6 inches.

NOTE: Never tow one part of the hose across another!


Construction Details:


100 % synthetic yarn, circular woven.

Lining and Cover:

Thermoplastic polyester based urethane (TPU) extruded through the weave to give “Unified” construction. Very smooth inner surface for low friction loss. Smooth external cover.



The TPU cover has abrasion resistance 4-5 times that of  commonly used rubber.

A superior alternative to traditional conventional textile jacket hose manufactured by coating process.

A heavy duty hose – very high abrasion resistance and extremely long service life

Resistant to oil, fuel and chemical products. Minimum maintenance and easy to clean,

Requires no drying after use.



Agriculture, Slurry Transfer, Irrigation and Crop Spraying.



We would recommend the use of Storz couplings with 3 part segmental bindings. These can be simply fitted or removed on site without the need for specialised workshop equipment or tools.

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