Semi-Rigid Fire Hose- Monoform  for fixed systems

classified acc. EN 694 Type B Class 5. Natural White uncoated or Coated Red in stock with more colours available upon request.


Construction Details:


Warp: 100% Polyester high tenacity yarn Weft: monofil spiral helix

Twill weave

Max. change in length 3%

Max.change in diameter 3%


Inner Lining:

Two-component system consisting of black SBR synthetic rubber and white NBR-synthetic adhesive. The lining guarantees a smooth surface and low friction loss.



Uncoated Natural White

Coated Red (Improves the dirt resistance compared with uncoated hoses)

* Other colours available upon request


Special Options:

For use as compressed air hose Monoform can be produced with an oil resistant lining.

(minimum order quantity 500m)



Extremely lightweight and flexible as a semi-rigid hose

The actual burst pressure far exceeds the minimum requirements Extremely thin walled for space saving on the reels

Easy handling by occupants when used as a reel hose

High abrasion resistance and very long service life

Low friction loss

Minimum maintenance and easy to clean

Cold resistant to – 30 °C

Heat resistant up to + 80 °C



For wall mounted cabinets acc. EN 671-1

Construction sites and industry

General semi-rigid hose for pumping applications Compressed air hose



Storz System or other suitable international coupling system.

Standard Diameter:

19mm (3/4 ") and 25mm (1")



EN 694 - Type B Class 5

Approval No. Ø 19 mm 5F000192A – SP

Approval No. Ø 25 mm 5F000192B – SP


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