Our Flyboarding Hose- Hydro-Pro is a heavy duty flexible hose for hydro-propelled water sports. Available in standard lengths of 20 and 25 metres. Easy to maintain and requires no drying time.


Tried, tested and trusted by Flyboarding Fun UK.


Construction Details:


100 % synthetic yarn, circular woven max. change in length 4 %

max. change in diameter 4 %


Lining and Cover:

High quality NITRILE-synthetic rubber extruded through the weave to give “Unified” construction. Very smooth inner surface for low friction loss. External cover with ribs for high abrasion resistance and ease of handling.



The unified construction eliminates the potential for delamination that traditionally manufactured hoses suffer from when under severe stress during operation. It is strong, durable and requires low maintenance as it is easy to clean. Absorbs no moisture so requires no drying.


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