It is inevitable that any hose used in an Emergency application will be subjected to robust handling, however, much can be done to prolong its service life.


Any  Fire Service will take great care of their hoses as a matter of course but other users may not implement such methods to prevent damage occurring.


The following is offered as a simple guide to help you to get the best out of your hose, whatever the application.


• Do not exceed the maximum rated working pressure

• Always lay the hose without any twisting or kinks

• Handle the hose with care, treat it with care

• Avoid any dragging. If this must be done, do it when it is empty and flat.

• Do not drop the hose, particularly the coupling ends.

• Avoid pump vibration with bandages or sacking

• Do not pull hoses over sharp edges

• Avoid shock loading and 'Water hammer'

• Secure hoses safely when used with turntable ladders

• Never lay hoses over hot embers

• Never walk along full hose to empty it, always put the hose over your shoulder

• Avoid contact with hazardous materials such as acids, mineral oils and chemicals

• Do not roll or kink a frozen hose

• Do not drive over a hose, always use Hose ramps

• Clean and dry hoses thoroughly after use

• Examine couplings for rough edges after use

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