Richards Hose Ltd has long been established as a leader in the supply of layflat hose and fluid transfer related products. Through continual product innovation and development, our product range has evolved from the early days of sail making to the broad variety of hoses for water delivery applications that we supply now.


Richards Hose was first established in a weaving mill in Scotland and was formerly called ‘Richards of Aberdeen’. During this time period Richards of Aberdeen became the largest employer in Aberdeen itself. Production in the mill varied greatly from hose to sails. Founded more than 200 years ago, Richards operated what was to become the oldest iron-frame mill in Scotland and the last remaining textile mill in the 'Granite City'. It was also one of the principal employers with more than 3,000 people working in the mill at its height in the early 20th century. Richards of Aberdeen became a public limited company in 1898. With the decline in traditional flax spinning activities, in the mid-1960s the company embarked upon a programme of development of synthetic yarn ranges which it maintained with few changes until the dawn of the 21st century.

It was because of the size and persistence of ensuring the best quality which led the company to develop the canvas hose into a new innovative product which we call Lay flat hose today and is used in a vast range of applications.

Parsch GMBH was a company who also began with a firefighting background, using linen to make firefighting buckets, since then has now grown to be one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of lay flat hose and specialising in the development of special products for consumers. The continuing demand for quality hose in the UK together with Richards’ reputation was recognised by Parsch of Germany and they became a majority holding Company and Hose supplier of the new Richards Hose Company and so we set up in our current premises in Roman Way, Preston.


Our range of hoses encompass a selection of products suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. We currently sell our products for a variety of applications from Fire Fighting, drinking water and irrigation through to recreational activities to many countries throughout the world and in all four continents. We also provide bespoke solutions for rare and non-standard projects where specifications call for new solutions and new designs.

The quantity of hose that we stock has grown considerably over time allowing us to supply in the shortest time possible, thus providing a prompt and efficient service to help with your needs.

The latest version of our website has been produced to illustrate our extensive hose programme together with couplings, adaptors and other associated hardware items that we can offer to you and suit the ever changing media requirements of a forward thinking company. We have a variety of online links available allowing new and existing customers the opportunity to keep in touch with our latest information, catalogue and products.



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Quality Management

The manufacturing process involves the twisting and weaving of synthetic yarns and the production and extrusion of associated rubber compounds.

In short, traditional hose production begins with the woven jacket.


A variety of weave patterns determine the characteristics and capabilities of the finished hose.

This jacket is bonded to an extruded internal rubber tube with a layer of adhesive. This can then be enhanced with colouration and an external polyurethane coating designed to protect the jacket during service.


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Richards Hose Stock WRAS approved material and WRAS approved products.
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