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Trevor Hatton - Friday, October 23, 2015

‘I was born in 1917 and when i was 20 years of age I worked in Broadfords in Aberdeen making hose, material for the water bottles and tarpaulins for the navy. I worked at Broadfords for 46 years in total.I enjoyed the war.I used to come to the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen during all the war years and there were good dance bands. There was soliders stationed nearby during the war, they used to come to the dances and I really enjoyed it all.’

Frances Fowler ( Nee Sinclair) worked at Broadford’s after the war and it was disgusting smelly and had a choking atmoosphere which was difficult to work in,despite that many of the women were smoking cigarettes, the smell of jute permeated her clothes and she came home coughing .It was a very dusty environment and they had to improvise to keep the dust out of her lungs with head scarves.As a former worker of Broadfords she died of emphysema due to inhaling industrial dust and smoking.

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